Frequently Asked Questions

For all hotels within Marrakech, pick up will be from your hotel and charges for this are included in your package. If you are staying in a riad within the medina there will be a meeting point close to your hotel which is generally the closest accessible point for the minibus as they are often unable to drive down the narrow streets where riads are located.
You are able to bring your entire luggage with you for the duration of the trip and it may be stored safely in the minibus.
You may book a luxury tent for your stay in the desert should you prefer not to stay in the standard camp.
You may hire a private tent for your stay in the desert for an extra charge.
Please call the company if the driver is more than 30 minutes late
All out restaurants are able to cater for vegetarians
We recommend that our customers bring warm clothes in the winter months; long pants (trousers) for a camel ride and swim suits for beaches and waterfalls.
All customers are most welcome in our office; from here you can book your trips and find out more details about each trip. We are able to make many recommendations for you, such as hotels, riads, restaurants, bars and shopping malls.
We offer the best accommodation both within the Medina and the new town.
Our trips do not include lunches. Our guests are free to choose at which restaurant they prefer to purchase their lunch so they may enjoy a range of Moroccan cuisine